Auxiliary Operations Management for Higher Education

RevenueVision® is the ideal platform for increasing your ROI.

We want to help you succeed, maintain, or improve your leadership. Let your historical and current auxiliary operations data provide you with the insights and capabilities needed to significantly impact your bottom line!

Single Source

RevenueVision® is a single source for all operational, financial, and statistical information related to auxiliary and campus services. From serving as a repository for all types of contracts, documentation, correspondence, and reports to providing operational data such as sales by location by tender type, RevenueVision® is an all-in-one auxiliary revenue management platform.

Powerful Auxiliary Operations Analytics

Included with RevenueVision® is a powerful business intelligence tool that can be used to report on key performance indicators such as sales by concept by time of day, historical data trends, and operational efficiency. Optimizing auxiliary operations and managing data from one comprehensive platform helps you make better auxiliary revenue management decisions.

Data Visualization

It’s a fact that humans can interpret a graphic representation of data much faster than looking a table of figures. The RevenueVision® BI tool provides full graphics capability including pie, column, bar, heat grid, and even geographic views of relevant data providing you with the detailed and executive level reporting and dashboards needed to effectively manage your business.

Key Milestones

The RevenueVision® auxiliary management platform allows for an unlimited number of date types and provides a powerful alerting and notification system to allow you to be proactive in your management. From tracking renewal dates well in advance, to tracking payment and other date-based obligations, RevenueVision® can alert you via on-screen, email, and even mobile device notifications.

Upload Capability

RevenueVision® supports data uploads via CSV formats from a variety of financial systems, point of sale systems, time and attendance systems, and student card systems. In addition to the uploading utilities contained within RevenueVision®, web services are also available to transfer data into RevenueVision®. Manage auxiliary revenue for university dining services, housing and residential life, the campus bookstore, and more in one centralized platform.

Validation and Verification

Because RevenueVision® allows you to define all the “financial rules” related to an operation or contract, the rules can be applied to statistical activity (e.g. retail sales, vending sales, etc.) to calculate payments that are due to your institution. No more tracking with individual spreadsheets to verify commissions. Auxiliary revenue management and validation of commisions are performed automatically within RevenueVision®.

Cloud-Based Auxiliary Revenue Management

RevenueVision® is a cloud based system that is hosted at Amazon Web Services. All that is required to access RevenueVision® is a modern browser and an Internet connection.  This provides access to your data at anytime from anywhere by authorized users. Little to no IT support is required to operate RevenueVision®.

Rapid Implementation – Rapid Return on Investment

The RevenueVision® Client Services Group are experts in deploying RevenueVision® in both contracted and self-op operations. We carefully review your contracts and data sources, configure your system, and provide training services with up to 12 months of your historical data. We’ll help you take total control of revenue management so you can start optimizing auxiliary operations and reducing costs. Implementation can be completed in as little as six weeks providing your institution with a nearly immediate return on investment.