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RevenueVision® is an operational and financial management platform designed specifically for the “business” of higher education.

In use at dozens of colleges and universities across the United States, the RevenueVision® platform is designed specifically for the non-academic operations including student affairs, auxiliaries, athletics, and other revenue producing opportunities. From helping to increase retail revenues, to driving down dining costs, RevenueVision® provides our campus partners with the data and information needed to make informed, proactive decisions about both their contracted and self-op operations.

Problem Solution

Tuition alone cannot meet the financial realities of many higher education institutions.

RevenueVision® does what spreadsheets and decentralized systems cannot do.

Your data will outlive your providers.

RevenueVision® provides you ownership of your data and tracks both historical, current, and forecast data regardless of provider.

Higher education administrative costs have risen 61% in the last two decades.

RevenueVision® helps to reduce labor hours in auxiliary operations allowing for more strategic thinking and planning.

Success Story

University of Illinois on Track to Reduce Dining Expenses by nearly $2 million with RevenueVision®

Earlier this fall, Ms. Dawn Aubrey, Associate Director of Housing and Dining at the University of Illinois presented a webinar entitled “If You Can’t Measure It – You Can’t Manage It” where she described how her department is using the detailed analytics available in RevenueVision® to dramatically reduce food waste, food costs, and student labor costs and is on target to save up to $2 million per year by 2020.


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Featured Case Study: George Mason University

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RevenueVision® is the ideal platform for increasing your ROI.


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