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Tuition alone cannot meet the financial realities of many higher education institutions. Colleges and Universities rely on auxiliary services revenue for additional support.

RevenueVision® does what spreadsheets and decentralized systems cannot do. Manage and optimize auxiliary operations for higher education from a single platform.

Your data will outlive your providers.

RevenueVision® provides you ownership of your data and tracks both historical, current, and forecast data regardless of the auxiliary service provider.

Higher education administrative costs have risen 61% in the last two decades.

RevenueVision® helps to reduce labor hours in auxiliary services allowing for more strategic thinking and planning. Automate, analyze, and optimize auxiliary operations to reduce related labor costs by as much as 30%.

Higher Education Success Stories

University of West Georgia on Improving Auxiliary Operations with RevenueVision®

Earlier last fall, Ms. Elizabeth Smith, Director of Auxiliary Services at the University of West Georgia, presented a webinar entitled “How Automation Significantly Improves Auxiliary Operations at the University of West Georgia.”  During the webinar, she described how her department uses the detailed analytics available in RevenueVision® to keep labor costs low and maximize sales, achieve a 9% decrease in textbook prices between 2013-2017, and reduce budget buildout time from five days to five hours.

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