Bowie State University

Automates Management of Licensee Contracts

BACKGROUND In June 2015, BSU Auxiliary Services selected and deployed RevenueVision®, a cloud-based contract and revenue management system, to help manage contracts for dining, vending, bookstore and other operations. BSU has approximately 30 revenue-generating license contracts with vendors selling BSU logo merchandise.  From these contracts, BSU earns a royalty percentage on all university-branded merchandise sales.  Each contract has an annual renewal that must be carefully managed, sales tracked and royalties validated.


  • 50 staff hours per month spent on emails to 30 vendors for renewals and insurance certificates
  • Additional time spent on paper correspondence through the mail
  • Labor-intensive, manual tracking of sales and validation of royalties using spreadsheets
  • Very limited reporting visibility and flexibility on critical license sales data



  • Automated emails to vendors for contract renewal and insurance deadlines saving 25 hours of staff time each month
  • Readily accessible and dynamic analytics and ad-hoc reporting on licensee sales and royalties data
  • Quick access to all contract and renewal documents stored in the cloud

After deploying RevenueVision® in June 2015, BSU was able to migrate from a reactive to proactive management style of its license contracts.  All vendor documents and contract data are stored in the cloud and readily available for the auxiliary staff.   RevenueVision® has replaced phone calls and emails to the vendors for annual renewals and insurance certificate updates. In addition, a centralized repository of license-related data provides a foundation for metrics to aid management decisions.

To read the complete case study, download the PDF below. 

Download: Automate Manual Financial Processes