University of West Georgia

Uses RevenueVision® to More Accurately and Actively Manage Budgets

UNIVERSITY OF WEST GEORGIA (UWG) has partnered with The Solution Design Group (SDG) since 2013. As an institution, UWG is keenly focused on controlling and reducing student costs and fees. SDG’s partnership with UWG focuses on management of the self-operated bookstore as well as other areas of Auxiliary Services. RevenueVision® is helping UWG to manage budget projections and actuals, keep labor costs as low as possible, and maximize store sales.


  • Required a more accurate and responsive way to build annual budgets and manage budget projections vs. actuals for the self-operated bookstore
  • Needed to keep labor costs as low as possible by aligning sales volumes and peak periods to the staffing of student workers
  • Opportunity to maximize sales by analyzing time period and product trends (e.g., fall football), through promotions and deals and, better product placement and stocking.


  • More accurate and flexible budgeting through RevenueVision® allowed the self-operated bookstore to keep labor costs low and maximize sales by aligning promotions, product placement and stocking to monthly sales trends.
  • Achieved 9% decrease in textbook prices between 2013-2017 at a time when textbook prices nationwide have risen by an average of 30%-35%. This is through a combination of reducing staffing costs, professors selecting more modestly priced books, and negotiating better prices with suppliers.
  • Used RevenueVision® to reduce from 5 days to 5 hours the time to build a budget and from 1 day to 1 hour the time to do a budget revision.

White Paper:
RV Success Story University of West Georgia