SDG Announces RevenueVision® 15

Warrenton, VA – July 14, 2014 The Solution Design Group, Inc. (SDG) a leading developer of cloud-based solutions for the higher education and public sector markets is pleased to announce the latest release of its RevenueVision® technology.   RevenueVision® 15, now available for all subscribers and new customers, brings new reports, templates, and a campus map capability to contract managers facing increased workloads and demands for improving revenues.

“RevenueVision® 15 takes another major step toward improving efficiency and optimizing contract and operational management activities.  One example is the new “map” feature that allows customers to locate map points that correspond to contracted activities such as retail or vending locations,” said Tom Strange, SDG CEO. “We are excited to announce Release 15 just as many colleges and universities are beginning the new fiscal year. Our subscribers can start the new year off with improved efficiency and resource optimization through the use of RevenueVision®.”

RevenueVision® 15 arrives with new features including:

  • New Map Feature – the new mapping capability allows users to locate companies, locations, and contracts stored in RevenueVision® on a campus map or aerial photo.  This provides the ability for the user to go directly from the map view to detailed company or contract information.
  • Document Management Enhancements – In addition to having document management functionality associated with an individual contract, amendment, or invoice, users can now attach documents to individual company records.
  • Global Business Rules – Users can now define “global” business rules which are then available to be added to any contract register or invoice.  This greatly improves the ability to add transactions quickly in the system without having to define the business rules at the individual contract level.

RevenueVision® is transforming the way colleges and universities operate auxiliary business enterprises.  Through increased efficiency, software enabled standardization, and reduction of errors and omissions, institutions can anticipate a return on investment that exceeds 150% annually.

About RevenueVision®

RevenueVision® is a web based “software as a service” solution that has been designed and developed specifically for the higher education community to optimize the management of auxiliary enterprise relationships.    RevenueVision® is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis directly from SDG.


About The Solution Design Group, Inc. (SDG)

SDG is a software development and information technology consulting firm that focuses on serving the public sector and higher education communities.  SDG’s offices are in the Washington, DC area and Orlando, Florida. (


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