University of Illinois

On Track to Save $1.47 Million in Food Cost and 9% in Student Labor Cost


University Dining at the University of Illinois is a $53 million entity, serving 40,000 meals per day through its 35 individual dining entities, operated by over 1,800 employees. UIUC became a RevenueVision® user in the fall of 2016.  RevenueVision® was selected to support several key initiatives surrounding proper stewardship over university resources and sustainability.


  • Lack of timely visibility into food and labor cost metrics
  • Inability to easily correlate and trend various dining metrics
  • Merging data from multiple and disparate systems was extremely labor intensive
  • Supporting outside audits required a significant level of senior staff time


  • Using the RevenueVision® business intelligence tool to provide trending and data analysis, UIUC is working toward a multi-step goal of reducing overall food cost by 9% by 2020 resulting in a savings of $1.47 million.
  • RevenueVision® supports detailed analysis of staffing levels relative to dining location traffic patterns and sales.  Through this detailed analysis and reporting, dining services is also projecting a 9% or $540,000 reduction in student labor expense by 2020.
  • Because RevenueVision® is the repository for all contracts, supporting documentation, financial transactions, and payments, UIUC now provides auditors direct access to all information from a single solution.  The result was a savings of over 2,400 person-hours of senior staff time spent supporting audits.

To read the complete success story, download the PDF below.

Download: Self-op Dining Costs