What data can tell you about your campus dining services

4 Things Your Data is Telling You

Data empowers you to make more timely decisions and be more proactive. This kind of decision making is especially important in regard to auxiliary services for college and universities, which may be missing out on money earned (or could be earned). Let’s review the top four “things”... Read More

The Big Dance: 2018 March Madness

March Madness is upon us! This is one of our favorite times of year at SDG–who doesn’t get caught up in the excitement of the tournaments? We had been anxiously awaiting this year’s Selection Sunday and Monday; we now want to take a moment to congratulate our hardworking... Read More
Improve your colleges auxiliary revenue

5 Ways to Improve Your Auxiliary Revenue

The common goal of all colleges and universities with auxiliary services is to find ways to minimize the cost of providing services while enhancing their students’ experiences. This can be done by marrying data from different sources, so you can see where you’re spending money... Read More
Auxiliary services data insights

How to Transform Raw Data into Meaningful Insights

The power of data is undeniable: it helps you provide insight into your auxiliary services, track financial spending and gains, and helps you make better business decisions (among a host of other benefits). Chances are, your department is pulling data across various spreadsheets and... Read More

2017 College Bowl Wrap Up

2017 was an especially exciting year for college football! We wanted to take a moment to congratulate all of the RevenueVision partners who participated in, and won, some of the college bowl games. School Bowl Duke University Quick Lane Bowl New Mexico State University Arizona Bowl... Read More
Top contract management system for higher education

How Centralizing Contract Data Reduces Auditing Pains

Most staff members know that the financial auditing period for auxiliary services in colleges and universities usually takes a significant amount of time–and that auditors will need to ask a ton of questions. And, during this process, staff often will need to drop everything... Read More
Vendor Management System for Higher Education

Why You Should Keep a Close Eye on Your Vendor Commissions

Every year, colleges and universities around the country struggle with keeping their costs in line. While it may not seem like an obvious solution, auxiliary services can make a significant contribution to your bottom line. Often, schools are paid commissions from sales at retail... Read More